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With 34 aircraft and an average age of 10 years, you can understand why we are proud of our fleet. Our airplanes are equipped with Garmin G-1000, Avidyne Integra and Aspen Evolution so you will learn the intricacies of flying a glass-cockpit equipped aircraft.

As of August 2020, our fleet is composed of:

AircraftEquipmentFleet Count


Piper Archer TX G-1000 8 2013
Piper Warrior Avidyne 8 2008
Piper Warrior Aspen 12 1988
Piper Seminole Avidyne



Aurora Citabria Round Dial 1 2003

About the Piper Archer

Powered by the 180HP Lycoming 0-360-A4M, the Archer can cruise at a speed of 128ktsa / 237 km/h with plenty of power to provide for the needs of flight training.  The G1000 avionics system as standard instrumentation provides a great mix of low workload and high technology.  The special flight school interior, and the aircraft overall, is well suited to stand up to the rigors that are associated with flight training.

About the Piper Seminole

Powered by two 180HP Lycoming O-360, the Piper Seminole has clearly established itself to be the best multi-engine trainer available today. With over twenty years of proven service, both students and instructors can appreciate its ability to perform advanced maneuvers and procedures skillfully and safely.

Our Simulator Fleet

Airplanes are fun, so are simulators! With a mix of Frasca and RedBird products, Florida Tech owns 11 flight simulators to get your training done quickly and effectively. 

As of August 2020, our simulator fleet is composed of:

Fleet Count
Frasca 242 Piper Seminole 2
Frasca Mentor Piper Archer/Warrior 2
RedBird MCX Piper Archer/Warrior 4
RedBird TD Piper Archer/Warrior 2
RedBird CrossWind Piper Archer/Warrior


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