Flight Camp

FIT Aviation is pleased to announce the return of our popular summer flight camps! We all have heard about, and probably experienced, the ugly side of summer camps. You won't find any lanyard tying or mess-hall mystery food here. Check out the details below and sign up to get more information on our camps and get answers to any of your questions!

About the Flight Camps

Our flight camps give students a unique opportunity to explore the vast and exciting world of aviation. Participants learn about the dynamics of airplanes and the principles of flight during an immerse experience that showcases the broad spectrum of careers in the aviation industry. Participants are also introduced to the Florida Tech community with activities and buffet lunch in Panther Dining Hall on campus.

Activities have Included:

  • Take the controls and fly the plane
  • Fly an advanced flight simulation device
  • Visit air traffic controllers
  • Build and fly model airplanes
  • Learn about airspace, navigation, flight planning and pre-flight checks
  • Tour maintenance facility
  • Special presentations by aviation experts
  • Model Glider Construction
  • Valiant Air Command Museum Tour
  • Northrop Grumman Tour
  • Imax Video Flight
  • Flight to and Tour of Kennedy Space Center
  • Model Rocket Building and Launch
  • Composite Materials Demo


Summer Flight Camp:

  • Grades 7-9
  • May 2021 - TBD
  • Cost: $600

Advanced Aviation Academy:

  • Grades 7-12
  • June 2021 - TBD
  • July 2021 - TBD
  • Cost: $675

Aviation/Aerospace Experience

  • Grades 7-12
  • July 2021 - TBD
  • Cost: $750