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F.I.T. Aviation

Office of the Dean

45 Years of Preparing the World's Aviation Professionals

Korhan Oyman

We are proud of and practice the Florida Tech mantra: “High Tech with a Human Touch.” The College of Aeronautics is recognized as one of the top university-based aviation programs in the nation. Our programs and faculty have earned an international reputation for excellence in the education and preparation of aviation professionals. We are responsible for graduate and undergraduate programs in the Aeronautical Sciences to include Aviation Management, Pilot/Flight Crew, Aviation Computer Science, Meteorology, Airport Management and Development, Human Factors, and Aviation Safety. The college enrolls 400 undergraduate and graduate students in programs on its Melbourne campus, in its Aeronautical Science Program in Panama, and many others through distance learning.

Nearly all graduates secure employment in the aviation industry in airline operations, airport and airline management, as flight crew members, and in varied, responsible positions within corporate aviation and government agencies.

We deliver world class educational programs that lead to both flight and non-flight aviation careers. The success of our graduates and our international reputation for excellence speaks volumes about the programs we offer. It is the college’s intent to achieve and maintain a stable, highly sought after, top quality university aviation educational opportunity in an institutional environment known for technical excellence.

Dr. Korhan Oyman

Dean, College of Aeronautics