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A small portion of our fleet of 42!

Need an aircraft for a few hours? A full day? Longer? We can help. FIT Aviation has a fleet of over 40 professionally maintained aircraft with a variety of panel options ready to be rented.

FIT Aviation boasts a fleet of over 40 user-friendly aircraft. Our fleet is primarily comprised of single and multi-engine Piper aircraft plus one American Champion Citabria aerobatic aircraft. The FIT fleet is full of Warriors, Archers, Arrows, and Seminoles from Piper and offers a variety of basic and complex aircraft. If you are interested in renting please follow the link in the right hand side of the page to download more info on pricing and requirements. 

Want more info about our aircraft? Check out our fleet!

FIT Aviation is also happy to offer discounts for individuals looking for time building. The link to the right of this page will also give you more information on discount rates and requirements.

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