FAA Flight Training

FIT Aviation is approved for both Part 141 and Part 61 flight training.  We offer a professional program (from Private to Multi-engine Commercial) or you can select the desired courses a la carte.  The professional course takes about 10 months to complete.  The estimated cost takes into consideration all aspects of the training including supplies, medical exam, FAA written tests, housing, meals, campus transport, administrative fees, and international student fees.  When completed with the professional course you will amass at least 168.5 flight hours and 42 hours in various FTDs.

Get a personalized cost estimate from our admissions team based on your individual needs and course requirements.  Please contact us via the website.

Available Courses

The following training courses are offered under FAR Part 141 or Part 61:

               Enhanced Private Pilot License
               Instrument Rating
               Commercial Pilot Single engine (ASEL) full course and add-on
               Commercial Pilot Multi engine (AMEL) full course and add-on
               Certified Flight Instructor
               Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
               Multi-engine Certified Flight Instructor

FIT Aviation prides itself being part of a higher learning institution.  We are not a “pilot factory” and are only interested in producing the safest and highest quality pilots.  Our Part 141 Enhanced Private Pilot course has a minimum of 48.5 hours.  This may be more than most other Part 141 Private courses, but it ensures our students are highly qualified when receiving their Private Pilot certificate.  At FITA, we do not take shortcuts!

Part 141 Approval with self-examining authority

FAR Part 141 flight schools have gone through a meticulous process of obtaining FAA approval for their training programs.  The result is structured courses where students must adhere to an approved syllabus for the course.  Students training under Part 141 are required to complete periodic stage checks and a formal ground school.  The FITA Part 141 is approved for self-examining, so your end of course check ride is arranged in house.  No need to schedule a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner!

EASA Flight Training

Approved for EASA flight training in 2014 with certificate EASA.ATO.0017 (hot link to official EASA page), FIT Aviation can provide a variety of training courses and license revalidation/renewals.  We are able to work with all European National Authorities to provide EASA training.  The EASA professional program is about 13 months long, with the final month of training completed at a European partner school of your choice.  Our program has different options depending on your needs and future career plans.  FIT Aviation has an on-site ATPL testing center through the Irish Aviation Authority and an EASA examiner on staff.

To best meet your training requirements, please contact our admissions team to provide you cost estimate options for all aspects of your training.  Please contact us via the website.

“Got Questions”

The EASA professional program includes the following courses and options:

               FAA PPL
               FAA IR (optional)
               EASA ATPL theory
               Timebuilding / PIC top-up
               EASA MEP/CPL
               EASA ME/IR (either full course or conversion if FAA IR option taken)*

*the initial EASA ME/IR must be completed in European airspace.  This will be accomplished at a European ATO of your choice.

“Available courses”

ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Modular Training:
               ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Course – Residential Course
               ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Course – Distance Learning Course
               ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Bridge Course from ATPL(H)

CPL(A) Modular Flight Training:
               CPL(A) Flight Course (Single-Engine Airplane) – Full Course
               CPL(A) Flight Course (Multi-Engine Airplane) – Full Course
               CPL(A) Flight Course (Single-Engine Airplane) – Conversion Course
               CPL(A) Flight Course (Multi-Engine Airplane) – Conversion Course

Flight Instructor & Associated Certificates Training:
               FI Course (Single-Engine, including Night privileges) – Full Course
               FI Course (Single-Engine, including Night privileges) – Conversion Course
               Flight Instructor Course - FI (Multi-Engine)
               Flight Instructor Course - CRI (Single-Engine)
               Flight Instructor Course - CRI (Multi-Engine)
               Flight Instructor Course - Aerobatics Instructor Rating

Class & Additional Ratings Training:
               Multi-Engine Piston Land (MEP) Class Rating Course
               MEP Land Class Rating Refresher Training
               Single-Engine Piston Land (SEP) Class Rating Course
               SEP Land Class Rating Refresher Training
               “Differences Training” between analogue cockpits and glass cockpits
               “Differences Training” between tricycle undercarriage and tail-wheel aircraft
               Aerobatic Pilot Rating Course
               Night Rating Course
               Instrument Refresher Training 

Dual License Training

Are you interested in obtaining full FAA and EASA licenses?  We have a program for you.  FIT Aviation offers a full dual license program that will complete with FAA ME CPL / IR and EASA ATPL (frozen) licenses.  This program is very intensive and requires the student to cross over FAA and EASA training in order to complete in an estimated 14 months.

 FIT Aviation is well respected in the FAA and EASA training circles.  We have made this course available for individuals that will require stand-alone FAA and EASA qualifications for employment.

 Since this is such a specialized program, we suggest to contact our admissions team to ensure this option is best for your future aviation career plans.  Please contact us via the website!