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Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor

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The state of aviation in the United States has created a need for new qualified airline pilots. One of the easiest places for airline recruiters to find such qualified professionals is at the flight school level. Certified Flight Instructors have the ability to build their hours while sharpening their skills as an aviator. Building time while teaching other aspiring pilots makes them more attractive as potential candidates for airline work. Depending on the size of the flight school and how busy it is, earning the necessary amount of hours to move on to the airlines can be a fairly quick process.

Instruction for the Instructor

FIT Aviation offers a variety of options for CFI training. With options to become a Certified Flight Instructor under EASA or FAA regulatory systems and various levels of certification, you can find what you need here. Due to the nature of CFI training, hours and costs will vary from person to person so if you are interested in training with us, please follow the link on the right and talk to one of our experienced representatives about your options.  

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