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EASA Flight Training

Our EASA Flight Training program allows you to receive a European License, right here in Florida. Year-round flying weather, a multitude of airports to fly in and out of, a complex airspace system, and did we mention the beautiful scenery! Our international EASA training team will make you feel right at home. 

Got Questions? Take a look at the EASA Flight Training Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our training program is designed to give you an FAA Private Pilot license as well as an EASA Multi-engine Piston (MEP) Commercial Pilot license (CPL) with EASA Instrument Rating. You will also have completed EASA ATPL Theoretical Ground School to accumulate the level of knowledge required to be successful in completing a Type Rating immediately following this course.

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Our all-in-one EASA Flight Training package trains you from zero to Hero in 14 months and can include everything you need from the time you land in Orlando to the time you complete your training with us. You will have at least 206 hours total flight time by the time you are done (not including FTD hours). 

Our training package can include:

  • Flight, ground, and simulator training
  • Transportation, Housing, Meals
  • FAA Medical Exam, FAA tests
  • International Students services (visa, TSA, etc)

We also offer the following courses individually: 

  • MEP Multi-engine Piston Course
  • CPL Multi-engine Course
  • CPL Single Engine Course
  • CPL Conversion Course
  • SEP Refresher Course
  • MEP Refresher Course
  • Single Engine Piston (SEP) Class Rating add-on
  • Night Rating Course
  • Aerobatic Pilot Course
  • Differences Training between Analog/Glass cockpit
  • Differences Training between Tricycle and Tailwheel
  • Instrument Refresher Course (Multi)
  • Flight Instructor Course / Single Engine (FI-SE)
  • Flight Instructor Course / Multi-engine (FI-ME)
  • Class Rating Instructor / Single Engine (CRI-SE)
  • Class Rating Instructor / Multi-engine (CRI-ME)
  • Aerobatics Instructor Course

The first in... 

We are the first university program in the United States with an independently approved EASA Aviation Training Organization (ATO) certification. We are also the first ATO in the world to prove compliance directly with EASA, more than a month before the required April 15th deadline.

Not to mention our on-site ATPL testing center hosted by Irish Aviation Authority, which will allow you to take all fourteen of your ATPL exams, no traveling necessary.

It feels good to be first...

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