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FAA Flight Training

Our FAA Part 141-approved training program is designed to train you to receive an FAA Commercial Pilot Multi-engine license with Instrument rating. Our all-in-one training package trains you from zero to Hero in 10 months and can include everything you need from the time you land in Orlando to the time you complete your training. You will have at least 156 hours total flight time by the time you are done (not including FTD hours).

Our training packages can include: 

  • Flight, ground, and simulator training
  • Transportation, Housing, Meals
  • Medical Exam, FAA tests
  • International Students services (visa, TSA, etc)

Available Courses

The following courses are also available individually: 

  • Private Pilot License (ASEL and AMEL)
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Multi-engine (AMEL) (full course and add-on)
  • Commercial Pilot Single engine (ASEL) (full course and add-on)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate (SEL and MEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument

Part 141 Approval with self-examining authority

What is the difference between a Part 61 and Part 141 flight school? This is a very common and important question for prospective students. Both flight schools will provide you with the training required by the FAA. The main difference is how the training is accomplished. 

Part 141 flight schools have gone through the lengthy and tedious process of submitting its training program to the FAA for approval. The result is a more structured program where students and instructors must adhere to the approved syllabus throughout the entire program. Students training under Part 141 are required to complete periodic stage checks throughout their training. Ground school training is also required under Part 141.

Because Part 141 schools operate under a more structured environment than their part 61 counterparts, the FAA requires fewer flight training hours to complete specific licenses. For example, Part 61 requires 250 hours of flight time while Part 141 requires 190 flight hours. 

Our Part 141 curriculum is also approved for self-examining. What does it mean? Your end-of-course checkride will be completed by one of our in-house check pilot. No need to schedule an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner! In addition, our two Airmen Certification Representatives (ACR) will issue your temporary certificate within the hour! 

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