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License Conversion

Time to switch over?

Our experienced staff can help you convert your licenses from FAA to EASA. Our FAA to EASA conversion program is designed to convert your FAA instrument and commercial ratings over to their EASA equivalents making your skills as an aviator marketable to a new part of the world. 

After 8 months of training you will have converted your FAA licenses to EASA, have at least 100 hours PIC and  200 hours of total time (required for EASA CPL), and completed one of the most comprehensive and in depth ground training courses currently available - ATPL Theoretical Ground School.

The Courses

  • EASA PIC Top-Up Course 
  • EASA ATPL Theory
  • EASA MEP-CPL Conversion
  • EASA IR Conversion (in Europe)
EASA Instrument Rating

EASA mandates that instrument training must be conducted in EASA regulated airspace, unfortunately we do not have any EASA airspace in the United States. Fortunately we do have 4 partner flight schools in Europe that help us deliver EASA instrument training. Not to worry, all of our partner flight schools have been vetted by our team to ensure that your training experience with our partners is of the same high quality you expect from FIT Aviation.

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